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in the doghouse

i'm tired of being nice ... but it's a hard habit to break

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24 July
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Part-time working mom of 2 little guys, wife to a hot public servant with killer legs. Rowr.

Previously obsessed with the Buffyverse. My recent past was consumed with belt-whipped alcoholic surfer boys with emo sleeves pulled over their hands, but my current loves are demonhunter brothers played by actors who are *totally* gay for each other, and smirking paper salesmen with unhealthy fixations on pranks involving jello.

I still miss Veronica Mars, tho. *sniff*

I read fanfic voraciously. Used to be strictly VM Logan/Veronica, but now I've branched off into Office US Jim/Pam, and CWRPS Jensen/Jared. Yes, I read RPS. A lot of it. *hides face in shame*

taken_with_you and I used to run a little Veronica Mars writing comm (vm_library) and while submissions to the comm have tapered off since the show ended, there's a wealth of smut to be found there if you're interested in the tawdry Neptuneverse. Check it out!

Fandom is fun. And educational. It's taught me how to write smut, how to use icon tutorials and pretty brushes in my actual career, how J2 are really IN LOVE with each other, how to make friends across the country (and across the ocean), and how to find lots of fantastic under-my-radar TV programming, movies and music. So it's safe to say it's been a plus in my life. :D

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